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Contact Lenses in Humble, TX

Contact Lenses in Humble, TX

Contact Lenses in Humble, TX

Contact lenses are a great option for people needing vision correction. Some of the advantages of contact lenses over glasses can be less peripheral prismatic effect, fewer distortion issues, and avoiding foggy or smudged lenses. If maintained properly and good hygiene practiced regularly, contact lenses can be a great option for someone needing vision correction.

During a complete contact lens exam, our doctors will be able to determine the best type of contact lens for each individual. Whether you are looking for daily disposables, 2 week, 30-day extended wear, or hard or soft contacts, we are able to prescribe all major brands of contact lenses. We are also able to prescribe custom and specialized lenses for special needs, such as: bifocal contact lenses; astigmatism contact lenses; colored contact lenses; keratoconus treatment; orthokeratology (corneal molding); pediatric contact lenses; prosthetic contact lenses.

Our trained contact lens staff are happy to help with any questions you may have and are available if any future assistance is needed.



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